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Abaqoos is an e-wallet for OTPdirekt clients which is available in Hungary. Abaqoos allows making online purchases wherever it is accepted. You can buy goods and services online without ever using a credit or debit card. Unlike most e-wallets, Abaqoos allows you to deposit with cash.

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How to start

To start using Abaqoos, you must first register at the Abaqoos website. Once you first register your Abaqoos account, you will get a unique voucher. You then have two methods to fund the voucher:

1. via bank transfer.
2. by visiting the local Hungarian Post Office or any of the local bank branches.

You can recharge your Abaqoos e-wallet via OTPdirekt e-banking, mobile banking and services call centers.

How to deposit

You can use your Abaqoos wallet to deposit in an online casino. To do it you have to log into your casino, visit the cashier. After filling a special form, you’ll be able to load your Abaqoos account via a debit card or bank transfer. Once the funds are in your account, you can visit the Abaqoos section at the online casino to deposit or withdraw money. You will deposit your account for free.

How to withdraw

In order to withdraw money, log in to your Abaqoos voucher account and click on the Transfer to bank account menu point. There is a small fee for withdrawing money from Abaqoos.


Abaqoos offers a high level of security.
You do not need to give your personal or financial information.
There are no fees for starting, recharging, or transferring money to your bank account.


Abaqoos needs time to transfer money to your account, is not instant. You have to wait one business day for funds to come onto your wallet.
It is not very common.