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Slots machines are a very easy game. To play them you aren’t required to learn any rules, invent complex strategies, and remember different symbols and combinations. This is a game of chance that’s why all you have to do is to find a slot you like most of all, make a bet, push the spin button and then wait for the outcome of the spin. You will win if two or more symbols align on a payline according to the paytable.

Follow the algorithm below when playing slots machines:

Once the reels have stopped, the slot machine will check matching symbols and show all the winning combinations if they are.

Most slots also have an autoplay feature. If the slot has this feature you should

If the slot has a Stop feature you can stop the reels anytime you want. To play slots online you should download the casino software and install it on your PC or choose Instant Play. But remember when choosing the latter not all games will be available.