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Video poker differs from regular poker in that you play alone and tries to get specific hands to receive payout. You do not play against any opponents. Bluff does not make sense in video poker either.

Nonetheless, video poker involves both luck and skill. Once you have made a bet you will see a hand of five cards and must decide which cards to hold for the second draw. After the second draw you will see whether you have won or lost and how much you have won according to the paytable of the chosen video poker machine.

Many people consider this game exciting because the game play is quick and players must make quick decisions as well. The fact that you can win big money also makes video poker popular. Today online casinos offer a good number of Video Poker games. There are multi hand video poker games which allow you to play several hands at the same time. You can also find progressive and bonus games in Microgaming and PlayTech casinos.

To play video poker at any online casino you must:

There are many versions of video poker and they all have different winning hands. The ranking of hands are displayed in the paytable above the cards.