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Keno is similar to many state lotteries. When playing online you will see a keno board with 80 numbers on it. You must click on keno board to select your numbers. Different online casinos allow players to mark the different amount of numbers. As a rule, you can mark up to 10 or 15 numbers on the board. The aim of Keno is to successfully pick as many numbers as you can of the 20 numbers drawn by the game. The amount you can win in keno is based on how many numbers you have chosen, the number of guessed numbers and the amount of your bet. The minimum number of hits required to win depends on how many numbers you have chosen. Some online casinos also offer bonus games and progressive jackpots.

When you play keno in a traditional casino, you mark between 4 and 20 numbers on a card with 80 numbers. Numbers are commonly called 'Spots.' Then 20 numbers are drawn and you will see whether you win or not. There are special Keno lounges in the casinos, but some casinos employ Keno runners to accept bets from any location in the casino.

There are six Keno bets: 1) Straight Tickets, 2) Split Tickets, 3) Way Tickets, 4) Combination Tickets, 5) King Tickets and 6) Special Tickets.

Straight Tickets are the most popular Keno bet. You mark your spots on the Keno card and wait for the result. Every casino offers different amount of numbers to bet, most often from 1 to 15 spots, but some casinos allow choosing up to 40 numbers.

Split Tickets allow playing two and more games on the same Keno card. You must choose two groups of numbers and separate them with circles or a line.

Way Tickets allow betting on multiple groups of numbers in the same Keno card. This may be a bit complicated. You should decide how many combinations of numbers you want to bet on, and then calculate your bets according to fractions you put to the right of the betting field. For instance, if you bet on four combinations of four numbers, one of 12 numbers and three of five numbers, you should write the fractions 4/4, 1/12 and 3/5 and then the numerators 4 + 1 + 3 for a total of 8, that means if your unit bet is $1, you will place $8 as a bet. You must write $8 in the appropriate area above the betting field.

Combination Tickets allow combining groups of straight bets on a single Keno ticket in various manners. You stake one unit for every possible combination. For example, you can play straight and way bets on a single combination ticket. When you bet groups of numbers you should mark which groups you are betting on to the right of the betting field.

King Tickets are a variation of Way tickets. You also bet on groups of numbers, but you must choose one single number (as minimum) as a 'King.' Every King number have to be circled by itself and groups should be circled as groups.

Special Tickets permit for varieties of particular wagers that offer advantageous payout schemes.