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Blackjack Switch is a variation of blackjack available in PlayTech online casinos. This game is played with six decks and they are shuffled after each hand. The difference from the traditional blackjack is that the player gets two hands and can bet on both of them. The player can also switch the two top cards of his hands. Let’s see an example.

Your first hand is 2 and 9 and second hand is Ace and 4. You can switch 9 and 4, thereby getting hands – 1) Ace and 9 (the value is 19) and 2) 2 and 4 (the value is 6). As you can guess, this is a great option for the player, and you may have increased the player’s odds. However, the casino does their best to increase the house edge:

The other game rules are the same as in the traditional blackjack. The dealer must hit on soft 17. You can double and split.

Blackjack Switch offers the Super Match side bet placed before the cards are deal. You can win the Super Match if among the first four cards there are

A pair1:1
Three of a kind5:1
Two pairs8:1
Four of a kind40:1