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Pontoon is a blackjack variation that has some distinguishing features along with the traditional blackjack rules.

Between two and eight players can play Pontoon. This game is played with eight decks. The card point values are the same as in the traditional blackjack. The aim is to get the total of 21.

In Pontoon the dealer wins the ties.

The hand values:

Pontoon is formed by two cards (like in blackjack): an Ace + a K\Q\J\10;
Five Card Trick – a total of 21 or less, formed by any five cards; payout is 2:1.
Three cards - a total of 21 beat all the hands, except Pontoon and Five Card Trick;
Less than 21 – hands with less than five cards;

Pontoon vocabulary:

Twist - hit, when you twist you want to take another card.
Stick – stand, when you don’t want to take another card.
Buy - double down.

The dealer deals a faced-down card clockwise to every player. The player to the left of the dealer gets the card first. The dealer is the last to get his card. The dealer does not show his cards. After having bet, the players and the dealer get the second card. If the dealer has the Pontoon, he declares it and that hand ends.

The players can buy three times. They can split twice. After splitting Aces, they can only by once. The players must twist if their hand is less than 15, and not a Five Card Trick. The dealer must stick on 17.

When your hand is more than 21 you bust. The dealer turns up his cards after every player has shown their cards. He can take up to 5 cards.

If the dealer has a Five Card Trick, he pays double to those who have Pontoons. hands with less than a Five Card Trick are paid equal to the higher hands (for instance, 18 with 4 cards), and are paid double Five Card Tricks and Pontoons. If the dealer busts, the dealer pays to every player who hasn't bust.

In the offline casinos the cards are collected at the end of a round and shuffled if somebody has Pontoon and the next round starts. If nobody has a Pontoon the cards aren’t shuffled. A player who has Pontoon becomes the new dealer unless the current dealer has Pontoon as well. If several players have Pontoon, the player to the left of the dealer takes his place.