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Chinese Blackjack is a variation of blackjack played with two decks of cards. Some of the rules are similar to the classic blackjack: players play against the dealer, the cards have similar value except aces. The ace value depends on the number of cards the player has in his hand. For example, when the player has two cards, an ace value will be 10 or 11. When the player holds three cards, aces are counted as 1 or 10. When there are four or more cards in player’s hand, an ace is counted as 1.

Chinese Blackjack offers some winning card combinations called "ban-nag," "ban-ban," and "15 Points."

If the player has two aces it is a "ban-ban”. This is the highest combination in the game. The player wins unless the dealer has a "ban-ban", then it's a push.

If the player has an ace and a 10 value card then he has a "ban-nag". This hand beats every hand except a "ban-ban."

The hand with a total of 15 is a "free hand". The player and the dealer can continue playing that hand or give it up. If the dealer has stopped playing, the game is over and he re-shuffles the cards.

The 5-card hand less than 21 is called a "5-Dragon".

The rules of hit and stand are below.
hand payouts
ban-ban3 : 1
ban-nag2 : 1
Any other 2 cards of the same suit5 : 2
5-Dragon less than 212 : 1
5-Dragon totaling 213 : 1

If the dealer holds "5-Dragon" less than 21, the players must double their original bets and pay him. When the dealer has "5-Dragon" with a total value 21, the players must triple their original bets.