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Bonus blackjack is a type of blackjack. It has the same rules as the traditional blackjack.

You can double, hit after doubling down and split up to four cards. You can’t re-split Aces. Once you split, you can’t win blackjack. After the split you are allowed to double and hit. There is no Surrender. The dealer must stand on Soft 17.

The main difference from the traditional blackjack is that you only bet on the result of the first two cards. This game is played with two decks increasing your odds, but the payouts here are lower.

The bonus combinations:

bonus hands payout
An Ace and Jack of Spades 50 : 1
An Ace and Jack of the same suit 25 : 1
Any other 2 cards of the same suit 5 : 2

For example, your hand is . The first two cards, 2 and King are of the same suit – Clubs, so you can get the bonus for cards of the same suit. The third card, a 5 of Diamonds doesn’t play any role for the bonus. The bonus doesn’t influence on the blackjack hand. In our example, the hand totals 17. If the dealer’s hand is 18, you will lose this blackjack hand, but could get the bonus. If the dealer’s hand is, for example, 16 you will win this blackjack hand together with the bonus.

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