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Blackjack is considered to be the game of skill that’s why you need a helpful strategy to play it and win.

The most recognized strategy is the blackjack basic strategy. Based on the mathematics of blackjack this strategy efficiency was corroborated by computer simulations. The basic strategy is the optimal way to play every hand. If you follow it properly you reduce the house edge to the minimum. So, it is one of the most necessary things to play blackjack if you want not to lose.

Basic strategy is a chart with a matrix. This matrix tells you what to do while playing blackjack. It shows in what situations you must hit or stay, double, split, or surrender.

If you want to get benefits from this strategy, you must use it correctly. As I have already said, all the situations are mathematically proven to be the best, and when you break it you will decrease your odds over the long-term. Though, sometimes you can follow your intuition and win.

In spite of the fact the basic strategy is based on odds and probabilities it does not guarantee that you will win every hand. It is not ruled out that from time to time you will lose when using the strategy. For example, if you stand on 14 against a dealer's 6 and lose four times in a row, you may decide to refuse this strategy. However, in the long run, the probability bears itself out: if you stand on 14 against a dealer's 6 one thousand times, you will win more hands than lose.

Remember, there are different basic strategy charts. The fact is that blackjack is played with a different number of decks. So, you must use the proper chart, don’t use the chart for a single-deck game in a six-deck game.